Marginless will bring the good old times where individuals will have an opportunity to place wagers against other people directly on almost any sport or other activity while keeping their privacy and enjoying industry-lowest commissions. New generation betting exchange will allow friends, colleagues and many other sports lovers to be able to get back the control of their bets and place them against real people.


At Marginless we believe that your privacy should be yours. We won't store any of your personal data centrally and will provide you with simplified, user-friendly registration.


Marginless betting services will be running with industry-lowest commissions ranging from 0 to 1 percent. We can truly turn anyone into winners!

Direct betting

Bet against your friends or other bettors directly by using our unique Face to Face betting interface and be guaranteed that your winnings will be received every time.

Token Model

All rounds start at
10.00 AM UTC (+0)
1 MRS = 0.000077 ETH
Apr 10 - Apr 11
1 day
1 MRS = 0.000080 ETH
Apr 11 - Apr 15
4 days
1 MRS = 0.000083 ETH
Apr 15 - Apr 30
15 days
1 MRS = 0.000091 ETH
Apr 30 - May 14
14 days
1 MRS = 0.0001 ETH
May 14 - May 31
17 days
Soft Cap

4 000 ETH

Hard Cap

21 000 ETH

Tokens that are not sold during the Crowdsale will be burned automatically by the smart contract.

Give 5% bonus and get up to 15% reward

Join our affiliate program. Provide your friends with unique link that will give 5% bonus for your friends and at the same time receive up to 15% of their contributed amount. It's a win-win offer!

Rewards can be collected in MRS or ETH.


2015 May
MVP Idea
Idea of a social betting network, where bettors can share their insights, track their stats and earn money for doing so was born
2016 January
TipstersHub Beta launch
TipstersHub Beta launched in January 2016 and quickly became the most popular betting social platform in Baltic countries
2016 July
Marginless idea
After working with hundreds of bettors, our team has made a list of main issues they face every day and possible solutions. Preparations for project launch began
2017 February
First Seed Injections (150K $)
Received first seed injections from various Angel Investors and team members
2017 May
Start of our negotiations with different development partners
Negotiations with international companies with previous experience in this market began
2017 November
Team and endorsers expansion
Several new team members and endorsers joined team Marginless
2018 April 10
A 24 hour round that will offer a bigger bonuses to those who have made a reservation prior to this round (-29%)
2018 April 11
Public sale start
First public ICO round that will be available to everyone with bonuses for early contributors
2018 Early Q2
Launch of Marginless eSports
Marginless eSports teams and brand reveal
2018 June 1
Luxury car giveaway
Winner of BMW X6 will be drawn and announced
2018 Q3
Betting exchange alpha
Alpha version of blockchain-based betting exchange
2018 Q4
Social betting network
Share your insights, follow your stats and increase your winnings by using our social betting network
2018 Q4
Face to Face betting
Bet directly against your friends or fellow bettors
2019 Q1
iOS/Android application
Access all main Marginless functions through your mobile phone
2019 Q1
Full Marginless network launch
Official launch of platform that will change betting forever
2019 Q2
Become a bookmaker
This function will allow user, holding set amount of MRS Tokens, to open personal betting page within Marginless system where he will be able to accept bets from other bettors


Several main TipstersHub functions will be integrated into Marginless platform. Bettors will be able to track their betting statistics, share their insights and learn from best tipsters by following their tips daily.
12 000+
Earned by Tipsters
Tips per day
Number 1
In Baltic Countries


Donatas Motiejunas
Former NBA and Lithuanian national basketball team player Donatas Motiejūnas is joining team Marginless on it's quest to make betting fair again! Donatas has always been interested in new technologies and he is thrilled to be working with blockchain based project.

Meet The Team

Lukas Jonaitis
Lukas has a long lasting history in sports betting and innovations. Through time he has managed to transfer his passion into several successful projects and has become one of the most known names in Lithuanian betting industry. Currently, Lukas is the owner of several betting-related projects, including TipstersHub. He is also co-founder of both largest Lithuanian cryptocurrency and betting communities.
Lee Puddephatt
Former Betfair and Betway VIP manager, who managed to grow VIP customer base by 54% within last 12 months. Lee is one of the most influential people in this industry. Lee is all about bringing in the right type of customer and then retaining them. He has superb account management skills and can educate clients at any level. Lee will help in creating a complete and smooth customer journey into our exchange platform which will help Marginless grow.
Ignatios Stavrinos
Mediterranean region CBDO
Ignatios has many years experience in the online gambling industry, in executing global expansion strategies and developing localised products, for organisations that have achieved notable international growth. After spending 10 years at Betfair, managing international product development, he led the international expansion program of the Greek #1, sports-betting and gaming operator, launching a successful new Gambling brand in Poland and Romania.
Ovidijus Sudzius
HR Manager
Ovidijus has a lot of knowledge in managing and working with bigger communities. Studies in St. Petersburg, job in a customer service department at Kempinski Hotel and years of working as events manager at British Telecom in London shed Ovidijus become a great bridge-builder in community building.
Sarunas Ramoska
Šarūnas has been always interested in a wide range of design areas – both new trends and traditional ones, with a particular focus on automotive, IT, packaging and production, photo and video. All of this had a substantial impact on his choice regarding future studies and career. Eventually, he has graduated Vilnius College of Technologies and Design amongst top 5 best students. Over the period he has been developing corporate identities and websites.
Arminas Keraitis
Software developer
Arminas brings more than 7 years of experience as Software Engineer. A forward thinker, open minded person with a passion for the unknown. Now Arminas is specialized in development, design, implementation and integration of blockchain systems.
Ricardas Pakstys
Head of Communications
An event organizer and a social media guru. He is really innovative and is always trying to achieve his best. Ričardas has hosted lots of different political and mind-empowering events, the CEO of educational organisation called Teenpreneur. Ričardas has a lot of experience in marketing and brand management.
Edvinas Pranys
Community Analyst
Edvinas is a professional at community building and management. He has a lot of experience in communication and community management sector. Also, Edvinas has a long lasting history in cryptocurrency, has a lot of different knowledge in mining and cryptocurrency exchanges.
Simona Dudaviciute
Community manager
Simona has been working as a betting games presenter for few years now. She has a lot of experience in communication and working with other people remotely. She describes herself as a friendly, confident, hardworking and honest person. She has no problem working in a team or by herself, she loves communicating and helping people world-wide.
Martynas Buckus
Community Manager
Martynas has a lot of knowledge in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and financial sector. He gained experience working as a Data Analyst at the largest cryptocurrencies and mining project in Lithuania. Also, he studies Information technologies for business at Coventry University where he expands his IT and finance knowledge.
Dziugas Butkus
Community Manager
Dziugas is a Computer Science student in United States, Solidity developer, cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. He has participated in Barclays Bank project, worked with its mentors. Dziugas brings a new perspective to the project from his experience in communicating with people from all over Europe and North America, as well as, from different backgrounds and cultures.
Aliaga Mirguseinov
Graphic Designer
Aliaga is our main graphic designer and illustrator, who has a strong background in web project development and illustration. Aliaga gained experience by working in Totem Promo - one of the best unconventional advertising agencies in Lithuania.
Edvinas Navickas
Video content creator
Edvinas has been filming since his young days and became one of the most popular vloggers and influencers in Lithuania. With hundreds of thousands of followers all through his social media profiles, Edvinas is striving to improve daily and reach wider audiences.


Jean Claude Edorh
Lifestyle Ambassador
An athlete with multiple junior records and championships to his name, participated in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, U.S. Now a licensed trainer: in sports training, sports medicine, and sports nutrition. In the centre of Vilnius, he created his own sports gym business called “JC Sport”. As Jean says himself, his main mission is to help others get their “forms back”.
Paulius Arsauskas
Angel Investor/Advisor
Paulius Aršauskas is a well-known Lithuanian entrepreneur, businessman, crypto and real estate investor. He is the co-owner of the largest cryptocurrency mining farm in Baltic states. He also owns different internet projects and businesses related to the cryptocurrency and sports betting niches.
Martas Juodgudis
Betting Advisor
Martas has a deep knowledge of betting industry as he has been working as live-betting manager in former Tonybet (currently Betsafe) betting company. He also has experience in various International projects (B2B, B2C) with strong International background, while holding a degree from Copenhagen business school. A big supporter of blockchain technology and believer that "Marginless" will be the tool to make betting fair.
Arminas Guzauskas
Blockchain Advisor
Arminas is a well-known Lithuanian entrepreneur, businessman and crypto investor. He is the co-owner of the largest cryptocurrency mining farm in Baltic states. Arminas has a lot of knowledge in business management, allocation of resources and funding strategies.
Gytis Lazauninkas
Gambling Advisor
Gytis is one of the best Poker players and coaches in Lithuania. Gytis, better known as “Pelėdažmogis” in the Poker world, is a professional Poker players who mainly participates in online tournaments. He is also a Poker coach, who has created his own Poker camp franchise where people can learn Poker in-depth.
Ugnius Liudvinavicius
Junior Cybersecurity Advisor
Ugnius is a full-stack programmer and cybersecurity enthusiast. He has created a project called WindWallet which had huge success on its launch. He has also created several crypto related projects. Ugnius and his team of developers will help us to ensure launch goes smoothly.