Frequently Asked Questions

Marginless is a betting exchange and a social betting network, where all users can share their betting insights, create their own markets, place bets against their friends or oppositors without being overcharged or simply tricked.
Marginless will guarantee quick payouts with industry leading, lowest fees. No more worries about bookmakers adjusting your bets or not paying out your winnings due to hidden rules or/and regulations. Marginless platform works with MRS Utility Tokens only. With that, KYC procedure becomes really user-friendly and simple. Platform will also offer a simplified registration and will not centrally store any of your personal data.
You can find more information on our website and on social media platforms:
Face to Face betting is a new type of betting that lets the user to place a bet against his friends or simply other users that have different opinions. Face To Face betting allows 2 clashing users with different opinions to bet on a different outcome against each other directly. You can send a bet offer to other users with a few simple clicks and after the bet has been accepted by another user – placed bets will be locked using Smarts Contracts and both of you will be placed in a Face to Face betting interface.
Minimum amount of bought MRS tokens, in order to compete in our raffle, is 5000 MRS Tokens. Your Token purchase receipt will be considered as a raffle ticket. Payment to enter the raffle must be made in advance to the draw date. Any payment received after the draw date will be treated as a regular buy. For more information about our raffle, please check raffle page.
KYC operations will be done by our partners, FinPass. Marginless platform works with MRS Utility Tokens only. With that, KYC procedure becomes really user-friendly and simple. Platform will also offer a simplified registration and will not centrally store any of your personal data.
Marginless user-friendly interface allows anyone to create their own unique markets where other people can wager on. Users will have a chance to bet not only on main sport events, but also on major social events, cryptocurrency price changes and much more.
Tokens for the Team and Advisors will be locked for 12 months.
Our smart contract is public and can be found in the github repository.
Yes, is social sports betting network that allows its users to share their insights with fellow bettors, keep track of their statistics and earn money for doing so. Marginless will integrate several main TipstersHub functions into its system. Bettors will be able to track their betting statistics, share their insights and learn from best tipsters by following their tips daily.
There are several Marginless advantages over regular betting platforms. First of all - is the first betting exchange powered by blockchain. Secondly, using our platform absolutely ANYONE can become a bookmaker and create their own markets that people can wager in. Please check our whitepaper for more detailed comparison with different betting platforms.
Marginless Ltd. is registered at United Kingdom
We would be happy to see you our community members being active on our social media platforms. You are more than welcomed to join us on any social media platforms and chat with our team members.
Marginless ICO starts on 11th of April. Pre-ICO round is scheduled for April 10th.
The total supply is 300,000,000 MRS.
MRS tokens will be used as a the only betting token on our betting exchange platform.

At Marginless, people can place their bets at betting exchange, bet against each other directly or even create their own bets using our MRS tokens that cost nearly nothing to transfer. Because of that, Marginless can offer the industry-leading lowest margins.
The hard cap is 21,000 ETH.
The soft cap is 4,000 ETH.
1 MRS = 0.0001 ETH
Additional bonuses will be available during ICO rounds.
Tokens that are not sold during the Crowdsale will be burned automatically by the smart contract.
We accept ETH, BTC, LTC, credit cards and payments via bank transfer.
Token sale will have 5 rounds. Four of them have bonuses for early contributors. Biggest bonus will be 29% for pre-sale contributors.
Currently there is no minimum contribution amount.
Tokens which are bought through a smart contract will be sent immediately. Tokens bought via bank transfer or other payment methods will be sent within 48 hours of payment confirmation.
Yes, MRS tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain network and are ERC20 compliant.
Countries and territories where transactions in respect of, or with use of, digital tokens fall under the restrictive regulations are not allowed to participate on Marginless Platform Token Sale.
When buying tokens, please select that you want to send them through exchange and provide wallet ETH address to receive Tokens. If you provide your exchange (example Binance) ETH address - you might not receive your MRS Tokens.
Ethereum is an open-source platform that facilitates the development of next-generation decentralized applications. Smart Contracts are a way of transporting anything of value — money, shares or data — without an intermediary. Thus enabling additional functionality, cheaper and safer transactions. Simplicity to buy Ethers and functions of Ethereum network are perfect match for MRS Tokens.
50% for development,
30% for marketing,
10% for reserves,
5% for legal and accounting .